Our Story


In 2011, after witnessing declining oral health among patients and the rise of childhood obesity in society, Dr. KB Parkes created Hapi Drinks, the first company whose sole focus was to offer the best tasting sugar free kids drink EVER!

As a dentist, entrepreneur and father of two healthy boys, KB wanted to create a product that would address the global obesity epidemic, juvenile diabetes and rampant sugar-induced tooth decay. In November 2014 Karsten Idsal, a former Army Infantry Officer and fitness enthusiast, left a promising career on Wall Street and joined the Hapi Drinks team to bring a healthier children’s beverage to the market.

As Karsten recalled: “After meeting KB and trying some samples of the product I knew we had an opportunity to offer a healthier drink than anything offered in the juice aisle at grocery stores. Not only that, Hapi Water tastes better than all the sugary junk that is currently on the shelves.”

In September 2015, Hapi Water was launched at the leading grocery chain in Texas. Since then we have grown quickly in order to positively affect as many people as possible. We stand by our product and know that delicious flavor, outstanding nutritional attributes and naturally sweet ingredients beat anything else in the market!

Healthy kids are Hapi Kids!