Our Story

  • At Hapi, our favorite question has been the same since we were kids. Why?

    • Why are kids’ drink options the same as they were 30 years ago?

    • Why are those drinks still packed with sugar?

    • And why do the “healthy” alternatives taste so bland?

    We believe bright futures are built on strong foundations.

    We cannot expect children to grow without unconditional love. We do not expect them to learn without strong educations. How can we expect them to become healthy adults if most of their food and drink options in childhood are unhealthy?

    Hapi set about helping to fill that gap. And with faith that families across America wanted zero sugar, tasty, and convenient options for their children -- we invented our first product: Hapi Water.

    Loved equally by children and their parents, Hapi Water is the only modern kids drink to have zero grams of sugar without compromising on the sweet flavors of childhood. Naturally sweetened, nothing artificial, and only 5 calories per pouch!

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